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In Major Drug Case, Ali Amirshahi Gets Client A Reduced Sentence Below The Guideline Range

In major drug case, Ali Amirshahi gets client a reduced sentence below the guideline range

Former member of Central American drug cartel articleA Honduran man who admitted helping transport more than a ton of cocaine and was said to have survived several attempts on his life will be sentenced in federal court in Richmond on Monday.

Though facing a maximum term of life in prison, sentencing guidelines call for Willian Medina-Escobar, 34, to serve roughly 23 to 27 years in prison for conspiring to possess, with the intent to distribute, five kilograms or more of cocaine on a U.S.-registered aircraft. The guidelines are not binding on U.S. District Judge Henry E. Hudson, who will impose a sentence.

The government said that around 2011, Medina-Escobar, who has no prior criminal record, joined Los Cachiros, a large-scale cocaine trafficking organization, and helped transport cocaine from Venezuela to Honduras using aircraft.

The case is apparently related to those of two Guatemalans sentenced in federal cases in Richmond: Fernando Chang Monroy, 39, and Luis Garcia-Orellana, 50, both of whom were implicated in the purchase of aircraft in Virginia. Chang Monroy was sentenced to 22 years and Garcia-Orellana to 20 years.

According to government sentencing documents, Medina-Escobar lived most of his life in Honduras and fled to Guatemala only after the gang he worked for tried to kill him in 2016.

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